About Us

Meet the Levy’s. We are hard working resourceful and creative team. With years of business experience we have partnered in bringing you the best kosher safari tours. Born and bred South Africans we have plenty experience touring this beautiful land. With our local knowledge, we are able to bring you the best of Southern Africa. We have a huge database of suitable accommodation, knowledge of the local kosher food and transportation – so your vacation is safe with us!

  • Dani
    Dani The Founder

    The initiator and marketing director, Dani comes from an experienced background in web and graphic design. He is often known as the dreamer for coming up with ideas that are more creative then practical. Dani started and managed several ecommerce businesses and has now turned to helping people get to see Africa. When not on tour he teaches in a Yeshiva and is a qualified counselor.

  • Gilly
    Gilly The Manager
    Gilly is the mainstay of every business he has been involved in. He is someone people turn to in a time of need and has a heart of gold. His sole desire is to do chesed and help out other people. Gilly has managed several successful businesses, and lives with his wife and 3 kids in Johannesburg.
  • Devora
    Devora The Customer Coordinator

    With her day job as a relationships coach, as well as Dani’s husband and mom oof seven Devora uses her enthusiasm and live of people to make sure each customer is satisfied and has all their needs met. From planning itineraries to organizing retreats, Devora is your go-to person if you have any questions or need any assistance.