The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush With The Kosher Safari


One of the highlights of the Kosher Safari Tour, is the City of Johannesburg. Home to the largest Jewish community in Africa this city has a rich (literally) history.


Johannesburg is often referred to as “The City of Gold”.  This name comes from the huge amount of gold that has been discovered in Johannesburg. In fact, the city was founded all around gold mining.

In the year 1884 a prospector found the first gold, in the area around present day Johannesburg. As in many places around the world where gold was discovered this caused an influx of foreigners all searching for the illusive precious material.


The main country they had come from was Great Britain.  The amount of foreigners was so great that the locals – the Boers, placed restrictions on their rights. The opening of mines and financial incentives of a new source of gold, soon led to the First Boer War and then closely followed by the Second Boer War. These two wars fought by Great Britain against the local Boer population culminated in the establishment of the Republic of South Africa.


Gold mining is done by removing the gold ore from deep down in the earth and then crushing and refining it to get the gold. It is an ardous and dangerous process. 


The discovery of gold in South Africa also created a super wealthy class, called Randlords.


There is still a large mining industry in South Africa. Gold is still heavily mined in the deepest mines in the world both found in South Africa as well as coal and other precious metals.


At what Temperature Does Gold Melt?

1064.18 °C, ​1947.52 °F


Is South Africa running out of gold?

Yes, but it will still take a long time, meanwhile more technology is being used to extract and discover gold in deeper regions.


How deep is the deepest mine in the world?

Currently about 3.5km and getting deeper.


How much gold is there in the world?

This is debateable, between 20 Cubic Meters perhas more.


Which country owns the most gold?
America currently has the highest gold reserve.


One of the great tours in South Africa is to watch the pouring of molten gold. At huge temperatures this gold melts and is purified, it can then be pouredinn molds to make gold bars.

Join th Kosher Safari and discover more about the gold mining and pouring process.


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