South Africa, Diamonds and The Kosher Safari

South Africa, Diamonds and The Kosher Safari


The year is 1867, 15 Year old Erasmus Jacobs finds a shining stone on the banks of The Orange River, on his family’s farm. This was the discovery of the first diamond in South Africa. 

Southern Africa would go on to produce 65% of the world’s diamonds.


Some of the most famous diamonds in the world come from South Africa, including the largest ever found. The Cullinan, which now forms part of the Crown Jewels. Even though many associate diamond finds from those on the banks of rivers, yet most diamonds come from mines deep in the earth.

There are two types of mines: open pit mines and deep shaft mines. The most famous and largest open pit mine is The Big Hole in Kimberly. From this relatively small area where 22 million tons of earth had been excavated to discover 3000 kg of diamonds.

Another method of mining is sifting through the gravel of river banks. This is called alluvial  and it is the primary method of supply of the infamous Blood Diamonds. These are diamonds that fund wars.

Once a rough diamond is discovered it still needs to be cut to give it the shine that every diamond wearer craves. In the process from rough to cut diamond the diamond loses around 50% in off cuts. 

The Cost

Diamonds are the most precious material known to man, and the price of a one carat diamond ranges between $4500-$7000. Many people think that diamonds are cheaper in SOuth Africa, in fact there is a diamond standard with the price set in Dollars.


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