Whale Watching with The Kosher Safari

Whale Watching with The Kosher Safari

South Africa has some of the best whale watching sites in the world. The famous Town of  Hermanus hosts the annual what watching event during Spetmeber. Other good spots are Gansbaai and Pletenberg Bay. The best time to view these gentle giants is between June – November.

Whale watching is so popular that some even call it one of the ‘Big 6’ and added to The Big Five!

For some this is a once off experience for others this is an annual event. An encounter with these gigantic mamals as the surface a few meters in front of your boat or blow. The whales that can be seen in South Africa are Southern Right Whales, Humpback Whales and Brude’s Whales amongst others.

What if I don’t want to go on a boat?

That’s no problem at all. There are many spots from the coast that are good whale watching spots.

There are several things to watch out for with whales:

Blowing: When they come up for air

Breaching: The Whale leaps out of the water and fall back in its back.

Lobtailing: When whales slap the water with their flukes and make a loud noise

Spy Hopping: The come stright up and ‘looks’ around

Whale watching on boats is an extra excursion with The Kosher Safari and would need ot be arranged in advance. Be warned though that there is no guaranteed sightings. This is the ocean and sometimes the whales can swim far off. The best way to plan is on the day if there has been a sighting already then head out. More info about whale watching here.

Interested in something more adventurous maybe try shark cage diving!


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