Table Mountain With The Kosher Safari

Table Mountain with The Kosher Safari

So you’ve seen the pictures of this mountain and it’s rated one of the best places in South Africa to visit. You’re probable asking what is this place really all about? So here’s a little bit of a sneak preview.  You can visit the official Table Mountain website for more details.

To get to the table mountain area we will drive along Kloof Rd. This  is noted for the amazing views along the cost. We will drive all the way up to the Table Mountain Parking lot. Hopefully your guide will have purchased tickets before hand. If not you’ll have to stand in two queues, one to buy the ticket and one to actually get on to the mountain. This is a very popular destination so it could take some time to get up on to the cable way.

Once inside the main enterance building you will take one of two cable ways that take you straight up to the top of the mountain. These cable cars are unique in that as they head up they swivel right round 360 degrees. This offers  you a full view of the mountain and the coast.

The top

The top of the mountain is really very big and there is lot’s of space to find a peaceful spot. You can take a walk around the whole top of the mountain and experience the most incredible views of a lifetime. There is a also a cafe at the top and toilets, but no running water. You can buy bottled water at the cafe or bring your own. At Table Mountain with The Kosher Safari, we will usually set up a small picnic spot where you can have a small snack.

The main attraction at Table Mountain with the Kosher Safari is the view, but don’t be fooled there is more to than that. Some of our more adventurous tourists have even tried their hand at rappeling down the side of the mountain. If you have the time and skill, you can also climb up Table Mountain. There are several routes and one for less experienced climbers.


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