Shark Cage Diving at The Kosher Safari

Shark Cage Diving at The Kosher Safari

So for some people whale watching just doesn’t cut the mustard. You want a thrill and it must be wet. How about Shark Cage diving. South Africa’s coast is plentiful in great white sharks. These ferocious creatures thrive in these waters and feed on the seals amongst other prey.

The shark diving boats launch from about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town and the usual trips are early morning. Once again an encounter here is not guaranteed. We will go out to a spot known for its numerous sharks and then the crew will bait the sharks by pouring blood and fish bits into the water to atract the sharks. Once the sharks come in it’s time for the dive. First you will change into a wet suit (Yes the water can be very cold).

Then you will be lowered into the shark cage. This is a steel cage that the sharks cannot get into but offer you a clear view of these monsters swimming right by you. You will have breathing equipment attached. Sometimes but rarely the sharks may make an attack at the cage. There is nothing to fear here as they cannot penetrate the cage, but they may loose some teeth in the process. This is no problem for sharks as they have rows of spare teeth and when one falls out another grows back.

Is It Dangerous?

No. But that is relative to what you may call dangerous and precuations are taken but youmust sign an indemnity form.

Shark Cage Diving at The Kosher Safari is not one of our standard trips but it can be arraged for those who find are interested.

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