Biltong and The Kosher Safari

Biltong and The Kosher Safari

Biltong is a South African word and a South African food. So what is biltong and will I get some?

First off biltong is similar to but not the same as beef jerky. Biltong is meat that is salted spiced and dried and offers a unique South African snack. It is found all over South Africa but around the world it is a rareity. And that is what makes it so famous and longed after.

South African’s the world over crave a taste of home and this unique food offers a reminder of home. To make good quality biltong only good cuts of meat are used. It is spiced with coarse kashering salt and other spices, sometimes more spicy and sometimes more salty. Then it is cured by either hanging it up or placing it in a special drying machine. After a few days it is ready to eat. The meat although it is not cooked is ready to eat and can last a long time without refrigeration. It is tough and needs to be cut with a sharp knife or a biltong chopper.

At the kosher Safari we will usually have a supply of biltong, but be warned it is a bit different. Generally all South Africans love it but foreigners either love or hate it. If you are a meat fan this is definately for you. Warning yo may get hooked and spend a lifetime hunting this down!

Biltong can be made out of virtually any meat some use even buffalo deer and ostriches. Kosher Biltong is available at all kosher butcheries in South Africa, yet every butcher has their unique style and taste. You can make your own biltong at home, see how to do that here.

Paking list

Make sure to add biltong to your Kosher Safari packing list.

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