Dagga Boy

Dagga Boy with The Kosher Safari

One of the Big 5 is the Cape Buffalo. These large animals seem peaceful and content to be left alone so why are they part of the Big 5?

One of the reasons given is because of the Dagga Boy. Dagga means mud and these lone males often wallow in the mud. These males are no longer with the herd because they have been forced out of the herd by younger males. Because of their age they are also often in pain with wounds and covering them in mud alleviates the pain for them.

What to do if confronted

If you ever come across a lone bull in the wild, be prepared for this is a very dangerous experience, even if you are in a car or game vehicle. The buffalos seem tame but their temper can flair up with or without any provocation.  The lone bull is however a lot worse because they are known to hunt down predators, and there are many accounts of hunters having been killed by the Dagga Boy. He may charge at you without warning. These buffalos were notorious from circling around and attacking the hunter. Their motto seems to be “attack is the best for of defense”. If you do confront one keep as still as possible and try back away as quietly as possible. You can find refuge up a tree, but it is unlikely you can outrun it as it charges at 56km per hour!

Find out more about one persons serious encounter here. And make sure to read about the rest of the big 5 here.

At The Kosher Safari we have thankfully not had any encounters with these lone bulls yet, however some of or guides have!

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