Drakensberg Mountain Range

Drakensberg Mountain Range with The Kosher Safari

Drakensberg meaning mountain of dragons, is a well-chosen name. This name perhaps comes from the size of the mountains as some of these huge peaks are mammoths in size and nature. The Drakensberg Mountains makes up the Great Escarpment- steep slopes that surround South Africa on three sounds. The range stretches out for over 1000km (600 miles).

The greatest attractions to this mountain range is of course the views and the hiking. Even for those less adventurous there are still many sites to visit. Here are some of the more famous ones:

God’s Window

This popular viewpoint offers an unprecedented view of the surrounding area. On a clear day one can see over the Kruger National Park and as far as Limpopo. It has even featured in some popular films. The one drawback however is that due to the height it can often clouded over with no view at all!


Three Rondavels

A Rondavel is the name for the traditional round huts popular all over Africa. This is the name given to three mountain tops that actually look like three of these huts all next to each other. An amazing site


Blyde River Canyon

This canyon is the third largest in the world and the second largest in all of Africa. There are many attractions here and some of the best are horse riding, fly fishing and for the more adventurous white river rafting.

A trip to this area can be combined with a trip to Kuger National Park. The Kosher Safari does visit this area on customized trips only. It is one of our Top 10 Places to visit in SA.

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