How Coronavirus Affects Safari

How Coronavirus affects Safari


Besides for the tourist industry that has been brought to a complete standstill since the start of the Coronavirus, there have been other effects on the Safari in Africa and the wildlife.

Some people view this time as a way for nature to rejuvenate itself, and a time off from human interaction. There have been many cases of animals that generally stay well away from cities, now coming and exploring during lockdown.
The Kosher Safari Game Reserves are actually wild to begin with and the very least human interference is exercised. Therefor these places haven’t really changed all that much during the pandemic.

There have been some interesting cases though. One of the staff of the Kruger National Park who was doing essential maintenance in the Park came across an entire pride of lions lying in on the road in the middle of the day. Usually these animals would only be spotted at night or early evening, but due to the lack of traffic they were enjoying the quiet and being the true Kings of the Wild.

One of the more serious worries that has been expressed by many is the danger of poaching. Unfortunately poaching continues in all major Game Parks to varying degrees. However now more than ever the danger of poaching making a steep rise is more real. With tourist and game rangers constantly visiting different areas of the Parks the poachers are very careful and cannot roam free. However now that there are virtually no people to interrupt them, they are free to do as they please. Obviously the various poaching police are doing their tireless faithful work all along.

The other concerns of the impact of the Covid-19 virus on the Kosher Safari industry is that of the financial constraints on those that work in the industry and also the very present risk of hunger. South Africa is also going through an extended drought and crops are expected to be lower than usual, and with income from the tourist industry down, the people at the front are likely to suffer.

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