Covid -19 Coronavirus In South Africa

Covid -19 Coronavirus In South Africa

Like almost all the countries around the world, South Africa has also been highly affected by Coronavirus. Unlike most of the world however, Africa has not been as affected by Covid-19.

In South Africa the first cases were reported arriving from Italy. On 15 May a national emergency was declared and a lockdown started on the 26 of March.

The impact on South Africa was felt primarily in the economy and with a population of high unemployment this caused a further rise in unemployment and poverty. The South African credit rating also dropped due to Covid -19. Also a notable effect was South African Airways also teetered on collapse due the pandemic.

Looting was reported on several liquor stores in Cape Town. The government also led an initiation to provide food for the people who are not able to afford or acquire food. Families are advised to hand a yellow flag outside their door to notify authorities if they need help.

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