A Brief History of South Africa

History of South Africa

South Africa is strategically situated at the bottom of Africa, and thus served as the primary stop for all trips to the far East. The first colonies settled in Cape Town in 1652 led by Jan Van Riebeek. they were a part of the Dutch East India Trading Company. These settlers were originally Dutch and started farming to provide provisions to the ships stopping off on their trade routes.
For the next 200 years the Dutch British and partly French fought for control of this area until 1806 when the British triumphed. The Dutch settlers now called Boers moved inland to avoid the British Dominion in what was called The Great Trek.
This caused much distress and much bloodshed between these Dutch Voortrekers and the indigenous black population, one of the most famous battles was the Battle of Blood River where in a decisive battle they defeated the Zulus.

Discovery of Gold

There was another upheaval when diamonds were discovered in 1867 and shortly afterwards gold was discovered in 1886.
This led to a further settlement inland especially in the area of Witwatersrand where Johannesburg is situated. This led to further upheaval and between 1899-1903 the Boers and British fought over control until the British triumphed and the Union of South Africa was established.
In 1948 the National Party came to power and began an official policy of Apartheid or segregation between blacks and whites.
This continued until the collapse of the white government in 1994 and the establishment of a new constitution.

In the early 21st century the economy of South Africa grew but recently it has slowed. South Africa suffers from high unemployment. The country also suffers from widespread poverty. However, tourism in South Africa is an important industry. South Africa is also rich in natural minerals and most famously, gold.

At The Kosher Safari we hope to show you a part of this beautiful country with its rich history.

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