The Big Five

The Big 5 with The Kosher Safari


The big five is what every game viewer wants to see. These famous animals are the Lion, Leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and Rhinoceros.  Originally hunters in Africa coined this term on the animals that were the most difficult to hunt. Nowadays they are also grouped together as the animals most dangerous to come across in the wild.

When out on a game drive with The Kosher Safari there are many different species of animals to see, but we aim to try and see as many of the Big 5 as possible. These amazing animals are all different in their own right and some are more common than others. The different game reserves have different population of these species so in Pilanesberg Game Reserve coming across a rhinoceros is fairly common, whereas in the Kruger Park it is less common. This is no zoo so you aren’t guaranteed to see them all. A good guide will be able to track down most of them. Also nowadays it is common for guides to keep radio contact with each other and raise the chances of spotting rare wildlife. We try our utmost to share the genuine Safari experience with you.

The Big 5 are all dangerous to man, and can become very aggressive  keep quiet and still when near one. Being chased by an elephant or a rhinoceros is a very scary experience and guaranteed to get your adrenaline racing. It is extremely important to follow your guide’s instructions on game drives, and with The Kosher Safari we use only experienced Game Rangers to give you the optimal experience. Find out more about the most dangerous one here.

For more information read the Wikipedia article on these animals here.

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