Why South Africa

This is a question we get asked all the time, but then again it is a pleasure to answer it. Everyone who’s met them knows straight away that South African’s are different. The kindness and soft spoken nature (and strange accent) has been a hallmark sign of a born and bred South African. South African’s grow up in a relatively sheltered environment, generally surrounded by comforts, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of extra help all around. It is common for a family to have more than one helper around the house.In the wealthier neighborhoods a swimming pool is common in most houses.  This has allowed a calmer nature to develop amongst South African’s and is common across all levels of society particularly amongst the poorer Africans who are naturally very friendly.

The Layout

South Africa has so many remarkable and different areas ranging from the Highveld to the coast and in between. In the large cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, Kosher food is readily available as well as kosher restaurants.  In the outlying areas kosher food is not available and arrangements need to be made.

There is so much to see in South Africa and at The Kosher Safari Tours we try to focus on the main sights. Every visit we feel should incorporate a trip on Safari, a trip to Cape Town and if possible some time in Johannesburg. Several Safari Parks are available throughout South Africa, the most famous being the Kruger National Park comprising of a huge area of the size of Israel. Kosher Safari tours is something everyone should do at some time in their life. A true kosher Safari tour in South Africa takes place in a game reserve. This is usually a chalet within a larger Camp of chalets in or near a game reserve. Game drives are the essence of the kosher safari trips and usually there are 2 per day in the early morning and late afternoon. Game Drives are usually about 2.5 hours long. You can be sure that after a long day of travelling and spotting animals you will develop a healthy appetite, and as such an evening in the game reserve traditionally ends with a braai or barbecue.

Cape Town

Cape Town has become hugely popular for tourists and a trip to Table Mountain and visiting the penguins at boulders Beach is not to be missed. Cape Town also has a rich cultural history and a long Jewish History.

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