Pilanesberg Game Reserve

The Pilanesberg National park is a great destination for Kosher Safari Tours to South Africa. This game park comprises a huge 572 square kilometers. There are several public Game Lodges, and also several exlusive private Game Lodges available. The greatest attraction of Pilanseberg is it’s location. Being only 2.5 Hours Drive from Johannesburg makes it an ideal place for safari stays of 2-4 days. Pilanesberg is also a malaria free zone and as such more suitable for summer vacations (November-May) and also for young children and pregnant women.

Adjacent to Pilanesberg is Sun City and as such a visit to one will most probably lead to a visit to the other. Sun City is full of attractions and entertainment whereas Pilanesberg has a peaceful and relaxing nature. The Location also enables the preparation and convenient transfer of kosher food from Johannesburg.

Pilanesberg is home to the Big 5 and is based on a long extinct volcano. The establishment of Pilanesberg game Reserve began in the 1970’s, and by the 1980’s thousands of animals were reintroduced. There are currently in excess of 10,000 large mamals including 50 lions.

A recent poll suggests that Pilanesberg has become a more popular destination for Safari goers, than the Kruger National Park. This is thought to be mainly because of its close proximity with Johannesburg and the fact that it is malaria free.

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