The Safari Packing List

So you’re all geared up for your safari trip, here’s what you need to bring along.

  1. Binoculars: This is always handy to have on a game drive sometimes you can’t get off the road and up close, a binoculars works wonders.
  2. Sunscreen and sun hat Obvious but yes don’t forget them
  3. Camera Whether you are a professional or an amatuer photographer or you are just having fun, you will want to keep these memories to last a lifetime.
  4. Water and snacks Out on a game drive there are not many places to buy water so make sure you’ve got a bottle with you. The Kosher Safari provides bottled water on all the trips.
  5. A first aid kit You will be out in the bush, so don’t worry we will have one of these available.
  6. An animal guide book Usually available at the entrance to most game reserves this will easily help you identify the animals we come across and intereting facts about them.
  7. Money There are some rest areas where you may want to buy a cool drink and a souvenir so bring some local currency along.
  8. A flexible and open mood Not one safari will be the same as the other. So have an open mind, and be flexible and open to everything you will see that day, and you will see something. In some cases you will not see a lion, leopard or other large and amazing mammal. The animals might be hiding, but you will definitely see some other less popular wildlife. Be glad with what you see and enjoy nature and the African bush.
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