10 Interesting Facts about Johannesburg

  1. It takes one-minute longer to boil an egg in Johannesburg than it does in the coastal cities of Cape Town and Durban. This is because Joburg is 2000m above sea level, and the air is not as dense. It is the second highest city in the world.
  2. Johannesburg is the second largest city in the African continent.
  3. The entire Jewish area is serviced by it’s own private ‘police’ the CAP.
  4. The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is the 3rd largest hospital in the world.
  5. Johannesburg has the largest Jewish community in Africa (around 66,000). The Jews mainly arrived between 1880-1914.
  6. Aproxiately 1800 Jews approximately 1,800 Jews emigrate every year,  mainly to Israel, Australia, Canada and the United States.
  7. Within one century, Johannesburg has been transformed from a tented camp, a tin shanty town, four-storey Edwardian brick buildings and now, a city of modern skyscrapers.
  8. Johannesburg is one of the only cities not built near a source of water. The water source comes primarily form man made dams.
  9. Once an area considered dangerous, Joburg’s inner city is now a colourful area with a vibrant atmosphere that often attracts overseas tourists.
  10. Few people who live in Johannesburg actually call it that. Most residents call it Jozi, and the die-hards – Jo’burg.

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